These eTrac courses are for specific use by Texas A&M students.

In this course, job seekers learn the difference between a job and a career and go on a journey of self-discovery during which they identify job skills, interests, and personality traits. Job seekers then apply what they learn to focus on a specific type of job or career.

This course introduces job seekers to some of the common types of paperwork that they will encounter during their job search, including paper and online applications, resumés, cover letters and specialized job search tools, such as letters of explanation and work portfolios.

In this course, job seekers will learn where to find job openings and how other people can help. They also begin to apply for jobs and set up interviews.

This course offers practical advice for preparing for and succeeding at a job interview. It covers what to wear, what to do, what to say and what not to say.

In this course, job seekers learn how to respond when they’re offered a job, how to evaluate the offer against their needs, then accept or decline the job. They also learn about employment paperwork, as well as reasonable accommodations and how the ADA protects workers with disabilities.

This course offers tips for succeeding on the job, including starting off right, understanding employment policies and learning about the company and their new job. It also provides some tips for resolving and avoiding workplace conflicts and preparing for a performance review.